We can start from scratch at project planning stage, or we can work with you from your own plans. It’s your choice.

Either way, we’ll work together to bring your ideas to life and design your project to get the very best from the land, space and investment/budget you have available. We’re all about design excellence, construction quality, personalised service and affordability.

Throughout the building process, you’ll have a single, dedicated point of contact who’ll guide you along the way. From initial design brief, right through to interior design and fit out, to assisting with town planning and construction you can leave it in our hands. Not only do you avoid the headaches of having to juggle different consultants and contractors yourself, but we keep tighter control over the build, the budget and most importantly, the outcome.

Downstairs near staircase

Custom Design

Every Hilstin home is original; we work with you to build your new custom home just the way you want it, to fit your lifestyle and suit your personal tastes.

Our approach is hands-on and totally bespoke. Our custom design process combines your specific ideas with our award-winning expertise as we work together to design and build your dream home. Whether it’s contemporary, spacious, cleverly laid-out, energy-efficient, or all of the above, we’ll design it just the way you want it to maximise your blocks potential.

Working closely with you at every step of the process; we’ll also help you decide on all the little details including the level of fit out and complete a range of finishes to meet your design brief and deliver on budget. It’s our personal and flexible approach that make these properties unique but most importantly bring you a house you’re proud to call home.

Multi-unit developments

We specialise in Dual Occupancy and Duplex projects to maximise investment return and financial potential of your property.

With Bayside property values increasing all the time, building two homes on your land is a smart investment tactic. A dual occupancy or duplex project makes perfect financial sense for either a quick gain or long-term investment because your options are open to selling one or both homes to make a profit. Or, you can rent out one home, while living in the other.

We’ve had plenty of experience working with developers, and individuals, on high-end luxury designed developments. We can quickly advise of a plan that best suits your block, provide a quote and feasibility study to confirm the suitability for development on your site. Once we get the go-ahead, we will be there to guide you through the entire process from town-planning to completion and make sure you get the most from your investment.

Upstairs minimal Kitchen

Knock-down rebuild

Love your location? Avoid the hassle of moving suburbs, or expensive and risky renovations by demolishing your old house and rebuilding a contemporary new home.

Whether you’re buying an existing property that needs renovating or living in a home that has passed its use-by date, a knockdown rebuild (KDR) will get you a brand new home – exactly the way you want it, on your own land.

We’ve completed many knock-down rebuilds, and we know it can feel like a big job to take on. We’ll be here to guide you through the whole process of planning, demolition, design and construction through to landscaping and interior design. Whatever you’re looking for in your new build we will advise on the best options and make sure you hit everything on your wish list.

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